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Lily Smith
Lily Smith

Lily Smith

Senior Adherence and Supervision Coordinator

Lily Smith earned a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience with a minor in public health from Boston University. As an undergraduate, Lily interned at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, working on European pharmaceutical policy. Following graduation, she worked in Nobel laureate Susumu Tonegawa’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she used optogenics to study the neural circuitry involved in learning and memory. Lily was most recently a preclinical researcher at Decibel Therapeutics in Boston, where she helped discover new therapies to treat hearing loss and other inner ear disorders. At MAPS PBC, Lily is a senior adherence and supervision coordinator, supporting the oversight of therapists involved in MAPS-sponsored trials of MDMA-assisted therapy through our Adherence Rating and Supervision programs. This involves training, onboarding, and managing an active pool of over 70 adherence raters and interfacing with dozens of clinical supervisors. Lily is focused on program-level process improvements and the management of data systems. She is also the point person for the adherence rating and clinical supervision functions in our Phase 2 and Phase 3 studies in Europe.

Lily is a dedicated meditation practitioner and lived as a resident at the Cambridge Zen Center in Cambridge, MA, for more than three years. As part of her residency, she helped to support meditation retreats and led several meditation groups, including a bi-weekly group at the Women’s Prison in Framingham, MA. In addition, Lily has completed a year-long mindfulness coaching certification through unified mindfulness.

Lily is excited about unlocking the potential of psychedelics to change the way we treat trauma and mental illness. In her free time, Lily loves cycling and cooking, and she can be found spending time with her family on their organic farm in Wisconsin.

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