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Dan MacCombie
Dan MacCombie

Dan MacCombie

Training and Partnerships Manager

Dan MacCombie is the Training Partnerships Manager at MAPS PBC, where his focus is expanding the training of meaningful, effective, and impactful training of clinicians and counselors to work with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. In that work, Dan’s focus is building partnerships with the institutions that can scale the capability to train, while still maintaining intimacy and connection that are the core of learning this craft.

Prior to joining MAPS PBC, Dan was the co-Founder and Co-CEO of Runa, an Amazonian tea company and social enterprise. Later, Dan was the COO and a lead facilitator with EVRYMAN, an organization building retreats, groups, and programs to help male-identifying individuals connect to their emotions and grow to be more inclusive, thoughtful, and connected humans. Through these experiences, Dan realized that compassion, understanding, and growth are at the core of everything and everyone he cares about, and that he wanted to devote his life to expanding the possibilities for more of those. This is what led him to MAPS PBC.

Dan graduated from Brown University with an Sc.B. in Marine Biology in 2008, and in 2022 will graduate with an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University. He trained and has worked as a coach and facilitator, holding the ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation.

Otherwise, Dan loves hiking, skiing, gardening, and other outdoor pursuits, especially when shared with his Bulldog mix Vesuvius and his Jindo mix Cayambe. He’s an avid meditator, photographer, cook, and woodcarver. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, but some part of him will always belong to his hometown of Cleveland.

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