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Christina Caso
Christina Caso

Christina Caso

Clinical Science Associate

Christina earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Suffolk University in 2013. After graduation, she began her research career as a clinical research coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital working to understand the relationships between brain anatomy, physiology, and behavior in humans across the lifespan and in those with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), atypical Alzheimer’s Disease, and related neurodegenerative disorders. Christina moved to Seattle, WA in 2016 to continue working on clinical research studies to support the development of new therapies and diagnostic tools, as well as the discovery of new genes, risk factors, and markers of disease and disease progression that would lead to a deeper scientific understanding of FTD.

In 2019, Christina began her Master of Public Health degree at the University of Washington in response to a growing interest in the relationship between systems of oppression and population health. During her time as a graduate student, Christina worked with the King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division to assess rural behavioral health needs and later led a process to articulate an initial set of activities and goals to assure that initiatives funded by the countywide behavioral health sales tax are grounded in equity.

Christina is passionate about reframing social and cultural narratives about psychological health and healing and is excited to join MAPS PBC as a Safety Associate. She is looking forward to using her clinical research experience to support MAPS PBC’s safe and ethnical approach towards psychedelic drug development.

Christina loves connecting with people authentically and is an avid reader, public health enthusiast, lifelong learner, and fan of all things self-improvement.

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