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Amanda Fyles
Amanda Fyles

Amanda Fyles

CMC Compliance and Logistics Manager

Amanda earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2015 from The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. Prior to joining MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), Amanda spent years working as a pharmaceutical chemist and investigative analyst at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA).

As part of the FDA, Amanda performed post-approval pharmaceutical analyses and conducted domestic and international site inspections of various pharmaceutical companies. Her laboratory work encompassed active pharmaceutical ingredient identity, potency, content uniformity, impurity, dissolution, and water-content testing across a variety of FDA-regulated pharmaceutical dosage forms. Her inspectional work focused on evaluating manufacturing and chemistry Quality Control laboratories in Pre-Approval, “For-Cause”, and Compliance follow-up inspections. She specialized in assessing data integrity and performing audit trail reviews.

At MAPS PBC, Amanda is currently serving as CMC Compliance and Logistics Manager, ensuring that clinical and commercial drug supplies are forecasted, manufactured, and managed in accordance with program-wide timelines. She is additionally supporting CMC strategy initiatives by creating and maintaining relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and supporting general cGMP compliance.

Amanda is interested in the ways in which the natural world provides us with opportunities to explore our singular and collective consciousness. She is dedicated to supporting means of self-reflection and hopes that her work with MPBC will further its goals in offering psychedelic modalities to promote guided healing. In her free time, Amanda enjoys rock climbing, cooking vegetarian meals, reading, playing and watching soccer, and spending time in her home state of Vermont.

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