Anxiety Disorders Can Cause Significant Problems in Social Interactions, Work, and School

What is Anxiety? 

Anxiety is a persistent and sometimes worsening fear or worry. Both the cause of the fear and the fear itself can come from a range of issues.

What Causes Anxiety?

 Anxiety is not from a single factor but a combination of things. Genetics, life experiences, and physical health have all been shown to cause anxiety.




What is Autism?

Autism is a genetically based human neurological variant and the neurology is not yet fully understood. 

The subjective experience of autistic people tends to be more intense and chaotic than that of non-autistic individuals, as the impact of each bit of information tends to be both stronger and less predictable on both the sensorimotor and cognitive levels.

Autism is a developmental phenomenon, meaning that it begins in utero and has a pervasive influence on multiple levels of development throughout the lifespan.

Autism produces distinctive, atypical ways of thinking, moving, interaction, and sensory and cognitive processing.

Autistic individuals also vastly different from one another, with some exhibiting exceptional cognitive abilities despite facing challenges in social interaction.

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