Our Commitment to Health Equity

Marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by trauma yet frequently undertreated due to the significant disparities in their access to mental health care. At MAPS PBC, we are committed to providing educational programming that advances attendees’ understanding of how the practitioner and client’s culture and identity influence therapeutic alliance and processing of challenging experiences. Further, we strive to strengthen all providers’ capacities to be allies to one another. We offer affinity spaces for processing educational material, community building, and scholarships for those who hold marginalized identities. We also have the MAPS PBC Health Equity Leadership Program for Clinicians, which supports the education of qualifying clinicians.

Applicants that are interested in applying to the MAPS PBC Health Equity Leadership Program for Clinicians must meet eligibility for the MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program. The scholarship application is a section of the education program application. 


Receiving the scholarship was a life-changing experience for me… It was a great privilege to learn the wisdom and experience of the [educators].  Still, also it was affirming to be surrounded by other scholarship recipients advocating for and representing marginalized communities.

- Previous Health Equity Scholarship Recipient

My greatest takeaway was about the importance of humility – that our greatest strength as clinicians is to create safe relationships and safe containers for clients to explore their interior world.  And while we have clinical tools that could support that exploration, ultimately our clients are the only people who can do that work so it’s our job to get out of the way let them do that!

- Previous Health Equity Scholarship Recipient

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