Our Commitment to Education

MDMA-assisted therapy has not been approved by any regulatory agency. The safety and efficacy of MDMA-assisted therapy have not been established for the treatment of PTSD.

At MAPS PBC, we have a long history of supporting the education of clinicians seeking to expand their conceptual understanding of investigational MDMA-assisted therapy, the therapeutic techniques that support its implementation, and the potential of these therapeutic techniques to support healing for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions. We designed the MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program to provide a space for learning and exploration of this exciting new field of study. While participation in our educational program cannot guarantee future certification for delivery of the investigational treatment MDMA-assisted therapy and is not approved by any regulatory agency, we believe many of the aspects of the inner-directed therapeutic approach practiced in MAPS PBC clinical trials can be of benefit in clinical practice today.

Distinguishing features of our program include:

  • Education developed and led by pioneering MAPS PBC therapists spanning the full 25+ years of clinical experience through FDA-approved clinical trials
  • Video case presentations of clinical trial sessions
  • Health equity-focused lens integrated into the overall program emphasizing justice, belonging, diversity, and inclusion
  • Alumni engagement and community networking opportunities across the broader MAPS PBC ecosystem

Our Commitment to Building Community

We understand how challenging it can be to work with clients suffering from enduring mental health conditions and how frustrating it can feel that there are limited resources for helping them. This need motivates our clinical research and efforts to build a community of clinicians with a shared interest in learning about novel therapeutic modalities with potential to address mental health conditions. By participating in our MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program, you will be joining a growing and diverse community of clinicians, researchers, and mental health advocates from around the world looking to learn, grow, share, exchange opinions and ideas, and connect with others interested in deepening their knowledge about investigational MDMA-assisted therapy and therapeutic strategies to support patients with PTSD.

I didn’t quite know how much I longed for a diverse community of loving, supportive, and like-minded professionals until I found myself in the middle of one. To share a common mission and sense of purpose around healing is profoundly meaningful. For me, this was a coming home.

- Feedback from Previous Participant

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